Luxury putters - B1

Luxury wooden putters

My B1 putters do not come from faraway lands, they are not Mass produced, nor are they made by modern CNC technology.

They are all unique Originals and are Handmade in everyway with , precision exclusively by me at my workshop in Jar, Norway.

It takes an average of 10 hours to make and finish each putter. A minimum of 6 coats of Glassuit HS Lacquer are applied, allowing Natures ”Inner Beauty” to shine through and for a strong durable finish.


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coco-b-top copy
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The perfect ”Golf Gift” for every occation. The B1 Exotic Putter series has been designed for

maximum Beauty and Putterbility, with unlimited contrasts and wood combinations, with your own

logo, Dedication, Name or Monogram for a total Personalized Putter.


• As all my putters are made from scratch, they can be made to any requirements.

• Ladies and Left Handed

• Standard Loft: 4° from 0°-5°

• Aim Weight 340 grams (from 320-360 grams)

• 90° drill port for a Double Bend shaft.

• Standard Lie: 71°

• Shaft can be adjusted for Flatter or more Upright position.

• All Face Balanced

• Standard Length: Mens 35” Ladies 34”

• Any Personal Length available

• Standard Grip: Winn Paddle